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Ah oui, c’est moi

I introduce myself as the Publisher of this endeavor.

Like all things this effort started small, growing not organically, but rather in fits and starts. Lots of excitement at the onset. Ambitious and determined, only to face distractions and self imposed deadlines.

The Book Store in the city closed at the end of 2022. It was a sad ending, and there is no question that the pandemic had an impact on our ability to maintain a “brick and mortar” operation. COVID forced us to dive head first into the internet with our free ONLINE GALLERY and ETSY shop.

At present there is only one exhibit on display.
Our aim is to promote the exhibition of Print Illustrations from the century 1850 to 1950.

Find happiness, and explore.

I remain Hubert Agnole, Publisher.

Hubert Alphonse Agnole, age 9